MICROLINK-FR170: ETON American Red Cross Emergency Weather Radio, 3-In-1 Charging Solution

by Edward Xu

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Remember Eton’s Hand Crank Radio? Amazon has come out with other version called ETON American Red Cross MICROLINK-FR170 Emergency Weather Radio, that comes with 3-in-1 charging solution.

Designed with a unique, hand-crank type of dynamo for manual electricity generation in case of stormy weather, an AC adapter DC-input charging and a solar panel as the options for charging the internal Ni-MH battery. Depends on what kind of emergency situation one might be into, you could use either one of the charging options from this emergency device.


Other features on Eton’s MICROLINK-FR170 including NOAA weatherband (up to 7 channels, hopefully usable at other countries), 3 built-in white LED light source, AM (520-1710 KHz) & FM (87-108MHz), while the mini USB port is useful in case you wish to recharge your USB base communication devices after manually cranking the dynamo.

Price: USD39.99 [ Get Yours right now? Click here! ]

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