How large do you think and ideal touch pc should be? Microsoft has recently unveiled their 80-inch touch-screen pc that runs Windows 8 OS on their CEO’s office wall. The 80-inches touch screen PC seems to overkill, but executives would love to have such big interactive tablet hanging on their office wall.

Hence, Microsoft has no intention to sell this type of 80-inch touchscreen pc to general public as they do with the Surface. The 80-inches touchscreen pc is meant to show to the public that the Windows 8 OS will run on large variety of screen sizes manufacturer could produce, and offer touch input to those screens.


We think, it will still need few years prior the giant touchscreen pcs release to general public for retail. But with advanced interactive projection technology lately, do you think people will still want to get a solid type of large touchscreen in near future?

[ Source: Geek ]