Touching virtual images is pretty near to our daily lives as folks at Microsoft Research have recently unveiled the new augmented reality concept called Beamatron. The idea is to combine the motion detecting Kinect sensor with a projector for more feeling of physical touch of the virtual world.

In short, Microsoft is planning to offer gaming industry a whole new 3D gaming experience that allow users to drive the virtual cars in a room, bumping into ‘real’ obstacles as well as speeding over ramps with some shaking or vibratingsensation on the driver’s seat.

Video Credit: Microsoft Research

Beamatron concept itself uses a projector, while the Kinect motion sensor is on a pan-tilt moving head useful for placing the projected image almost anywhere in a room. Hopefully this time Microsoft going to use a 3D holographic projection technology that eliminate the necessity for gamers to get 3D projector head anytime too soon after the release of the Kinect AR gaming interface into the market.


The integration of visual imaging, projection technology, motion detecting and physical effects will somehow evolve the gaming industry sooner or later and it is kinda interesting to try figuring out what the potential Augmented Reality and motion detecting sensor could bring to our world in near future.

[ Source: Microsoft Research ]