Designed in the miniature shape of a Black Mini Coopers, following gaming chair is specially designed by Mr. David Gawthrope, a designer from Lower Hoptop for those wealthy gamers that enjoy racing games.


The Mini Coopers Gaming Chair incorporate a 500-watt amplifier, laser lights, stereo sound, Xbox, a remote-controlled smoke machine and a fridge at the rear side of the seat for those excited gamers that hardly want to get their butts up from the seat.


Alternatively, you could also use the gaming chair as the home theatre seat whenever you plug in the TV for movies. Other functions including a workstation and a music centre.


You could also turn the alloy wheels into additional seat whenever necessary. Mini Cooper Gaming Chair is painted with high gloss black finish and the other parts are in polished chrome.

A London online entrepreneur at Pimlico is planning to put the Mini Cooper Gaming Chair for online merchandise, and you should be able to get it for GBP8,000.- or approximately USD12,967.

Would you exchange twelve thousand dollars simply for a gaming chair?

[ Source: Metro ; AutoMotto ]