You might have seen various ice maker gadgets, from the swords ice tray, AK47 Bullets, to the chess set ice tray. Now, here is the mini version of Ice Ball Maker made of aluminum trays to get various shapes of ice cubes out from your freezer in a faster manner.

The mini version of Ice Ball Maker’s silicone mold is made of two parts, by combining the upper part and the lower part, you will get a needle hole for pouring in water into the aluminum tray for the finishing.

You should heat the aluminum ice maker in hot water, and place a normal ice cube into its special chamber. It then gets molded into the shape of choice as the top drops down to completion.



You will be able to create various spherical objects, including soccer ball shape, molecule shape or the snow flake shape of ice.

Mini Version Ice Maker Features:

  • Creates 30-40 ice balls per hour
  • Size of ice: 30mm
  • Soccer ball ALSO available in 65mm version
  • 30mm molds come with white ice cube blocks
  • 65mm soccer ball mold comes with larger blue ice-maker blocks x2

Price: USD212.-

[ Source: JapanTrendShop ]