By the announcement of Mitsubishi 155-inch OLED display on CEATEC 2009 in Japan, we could literary say, now the sky is the only limit! According to info released by Technabob, Mitsubishi inform that their new OLED TV is now expandable, even if you need a display as large as a city, it is now possible!!


The big Diamond Vision display is actually made of combined smaller displays. Besides the reduction in cost, the modular design also possible to build a curved display.

However, despite the expandable screen size, Mitsubishi has estimated that the OLED will only last for approx. 20,000 hours or about 2 years and 100 days, that’s a fairly short lifespan for a display.

Well, somehow there’s always pros and cons about a new product, however if the OLED is used to build a temporary mega stadium, for example the Olympic opening ceremony’s huge stadium, I think this product will absolutely a best pick.

Or if you have extra dime on your pocket, this is another nice display for your huge living room or bed room. Could you imagine watching a display as huge and as wide as your bedroom wall?

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