Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever tried to do online test drive before? What’s your imagination about remote driving? How about racing a car using a remote system that will free any racer from the fatal accident due to high risk of the race course? Is the technology now possible?

You will be able to give a try on a new way of online test drive provided by Mitsubishi for its real Outlander Sport during Mitsubishi Live Drive this coming November. This is a part of Mitsubishi’s promotional campaign conducted by 180LA’s advertising agency in collaboration with a team of robotics experts and software developers.

The online test drive is claimed to be the first ever ever conducted in the world and Mitsubishi is confidence that more the Mitsubishi’s site visitors on beginning of November 2nd will get a chance to drive the Outlander Sport in real-time on a course in Southern California. Each driver will have full control over the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport within the set boundaries of the course.


And the robotics experts at Mitsubishi have anticipated any potential of damaging the online test drive’s car using advance auto driving program and sophisticated GPS tracking system that will detect the car movement and any attempt of an online user to crash the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport during the online test drive or driving beyond the limited boundaries.

The online test drive is designed with collect “features” just like the super mario racing game, online test drive users will be obliged to collect those large icons painted on the test drive course for various features of the Outlander Sport, and online test drive user will be asked to drive over these GPS hotspots to collect as many icons as they could during the test drive session.

The biggest problem by far, is probably an anticipation over online security for any potential attack by hackers during the online test drive. Anyway, keep your fingers cross!

[ Source: Mitsubishi ]