Mo-Tool: Multi-functional Gadget For The Wild Wild West

by Edward Xu

in multipurpose gadgets

A multi-functional tool for McGyver, the Mo-Tool Wood Inlay Axe is basically an Axe, but also have sub functionality as a wrench, hammer, knife, saw, screwdriver, can opener, plier, wire cutter as well as a file.

Mo-Tool Wood Inlay Axe is useful if you are going out for picnic in the wild without bringing your caravan, or as well be treated as a survival tool during your quest into the unknown jungle inside amazon or to survive if your town suddenly become turn into zombie land.


Designed with handcrafted red oak handle, Mo-Tool Wood Inlay Axe comes with a belt pouch for ease of carrying it with you. This cool gadget suit well for both men or women.

Pricing and availability? You could check it out right here!

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