If battery life is something you have been complaining lately, do you mind take a look at this one? Mobinnova Beam SmartBook will deliver extra long battery life of up to 10 hours for HD video playback and up to 24 hours for continues audio playback!

Now, let me guess, I sense some grins on your lips… ! 🙂

MobonnovaBeam_3625 Mobinnova-Beam-Tegra-Smartbook MobinnovaBeam_SmartBook MobinnovaBeam_Elan

Weighing approx. 2 pounds, and has a display of 8.9-inch, would this device be an ideal companion for your school, works, or perhaps traveling? Despite being remarked as “Elan” during Computex show, will this device fit average joe’s pocket? Let’s wait for the pricing update…

So, what is in the box? For graphics there is an Nvidia Tegra chip that powers a slick 3D interface and promises 720p video playback and graphics-accelerated Flash content (once 10.1 becomes available).

Consider this smartbook a bigger version of your smartphone, with longer battery life, as it runs on Windows CE OS, not Windows 7 or XP.

No further info and availability and pricing yet.

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