For those like to own a modded laptop, game console or the crossbreed of the two, a clever blogger name Ed comes up with the idea to mod the Xbox 360 gaming console into a ‘Slim Laptop’ for those gamer geeks that want to make gaming and laptop in one piece complete with a 17-inch 720p HD screen.

Other features you will find on the Xbox 360 Slim Laptop including 4x USB ports, built-in power brick and a built-in wireless 2.4GHz Xbox controller. However, prepare to dig up $1,600 for the modded Xbox 360 Slim Laptop if you one whole new from Ed. For those that have an Xbox 360, Ed is going to charge $200 for the mod, and more saving if you would like to do your customization for the box’s color.


Frankly speaking the Xbox 360 Slim Laptop is not that slim after all! 😀

More info, you could head over Ed’s website.