If your children lack the idea of time management, while you have thick stack of money in your bank account, there is a way to teach them how to value their time using the money shredder digital alarm clock for them.


Simply store your children’s daily pocket money into the money shredder digital alarm clock using bank notes, put the alarm clock near the bed and remind them to set the alarm properly for morning wake up call. The penalty for getting up late is getting more pocket money shredded into worthless pieces of papers.

The idea is to teach those with loose time management the meaning of scarcity, what gone might be irreversible, capture opportunity while you can, isn’t it?

A little wake-up call for those who lack of discipline in their daily activities.

Please be notified that destroying real U.S currency notes might get a serious penalty from the government of a $100 fine, a 6 months jail penalty or both!

No info on pricing and availability yet.

[ Source: Mashable ]