What would have been missing if one day you are relaxing at your own backyard while enjoying the tasty coffee or tea? And you just noticed that the lovely evening seems lack of something shinny hanging in the sky!


A student over Netherland Design Academy of Eindhoven, Wendy Legro, has designed an enchanting solar powered LED lamp in a flower shape named ‘Morning Glory’. Morning Glory could harvest the solar energy during the day time via the solar cells located on the flower’s petal.

The project itself is aimed to reduce the energy spent in conventional household lighting and provide more options of alternative energy lighting. You could hang the Morning Glory around your backyard’s garden to enhance the twinkle effects of the luminous light blooms in snowflake pattern.

You could also hang the solar led flower near your windows, where it could harvest solar energy to power itself after dark. The led lamp will automatically shrinks up and will grows brighter as the sky getting dark.

[ Source: EcoFriend ; FastCompany ; Netherland Design Academy of Eindhoven ; Wendy Legro ]