Here is the kind of ‘kick the A$$’ type of rear hatch door from Ford for its SUV Kuga (read: Koo-gah). If you remember the hard time opening your SUV’s rear hatch door while both of your hands are full with the groceries, the light foot motion detection with calibrated sensor on Ford’s Kuga SUV will work awesomely well to help anyone that do the weekly groceries shopping.

The good news is, only authorized car owner or people with the corresponding key fob will be able to activate the rear hatch door to open, not any random passerby would be able to access to your Ford Kuga SUV’s rear hatch door.

Ford-Kuga-SUV-front-viewThe product of Human Machine Interface laboratory over six months at Ford, the motion sensors ensures actual kicks intended for opening the rear hatch door or pothole in the road as well as other motions during drive.

Ford-Kuga-SUVBy the way, Ford SUV Kuga is an European car, while this kick to open feature has been available on Ford Escape since last November. Further, Ford engineers have also recalibrated the system for European users to ensure that the motion sensor will still functioning even while the SUV is being towed  with a tow bar fitted.

Ford-Kuga-SUV-motion-detecting-rear-hatch-doorImages Credit: Ford

[ Source: Gizmag ; Ford Kuga SUV ]