In some point of our daily approach, you might get bored of finding the light switch upon your arrival at home after a long, tiresome day or after a drunken party with some old friends. From users’ experience, it shown that patios, corridor entering the living room and inside wash room are probably crucial areas that need instant lighting in case you are in a hurry or in drunk condition.

Following Cordless Motion Activated Light is built with the motion detection sensor built using six bright LEDs producing glare-free light source anywhere you desire. The dimension of the motion activated light is 6 x 6 x 5-inch (LxWxD), weighing 1.5lbs and rated for up to 100,000 hours of operation, while the 4x C batteries are capable to provide up to 150 hours of power, not bad for an led light with motion sensor, isn’t it?


In short, it is a cordless, weatherproof outdoor as well as indoor light that has a built-in reflector plate, wide-angle beam for wider light spread, bundled with screws and mounting plate, no wiring job is required, and could be tilted vertically and rotated for any desired position you wish the light to shine at.

The motion sensor itself will automatically turn the light on during the nights or dark environment and when it detects movement, and it will automatically shuts off the light when no motion is detected for 30 seconds.

You could get this Cordles Motion Activated Light, right here!