It is hard to imagine the future outlook for a home phone will be. With current pace of competition, the form of communication has been moving forward from a fixed line home phone to highly mobile, even satellite base communication.

Children in the next few decades will probably astonished in the museum seeing a home phone as an ancient tool in their time.


Motorola HS1001 is one of the futuristic outlook for a home phone. This is one of the first few Android-powered home phone handsets in the market. HS1001 runs on Android 1.6 and has a 2.8″ touchscreen display with a virtual keypad and Wi-Fi connectivity. Expect this Motorola HS1001 to appear in US market sometime in third quarter this year.

Sadly, there will be no Marketplace support Motorola HS1001, however, this DECT 6.0 handset has a “full spectrum of multimedia applications,” video and features common to top of the line smartphones.

You also get a built-in speaker in its base station, letting you enjoy tunes played back on it when docked.

Price: USD150.-