Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc has finally come up with their latest Motorola Xoom official pricing for Verizon Wireless.

Sanjay Jha, Chief Executive of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc has told the media about Motorola’s plan to start competing with Apple in the tablet market. Sanjay is confident that premium products will surely survive the competition, moreover, adding that the Xoom software is designed to be upgradable for future version.

According to Sanjay Jha, Motorola also looking for possibility to have Motorola’s own application store and said Motorola is targeting total sales volumes of 50 million units in 2011.

As nearly all Motorola products are using Google Android OS in 2011, it is expected that Nokia will continue adopting Microsoft’s mobile operating system in future to come.

However, Sanjay is hoping there will be more alternative systems to Android OS that will stay longer enough in the market to maintain healthy market competition for mobile operating system.


  • Unsubsidized version = USD799.-
  • WiFi only version = USD600.-

[ Source: Reuters UK ; Motorola ]