It might be a rude question, but have you ever dream of getting a sexier looking and healthier butt shape? 😉

If you have done bicycling and feels that ain’t doing quick reformation to your body shape, you should consider getting the scooter like, mountain scooter powered solely by your legs and the gravitation. The Mountain scooter’s construction combines the rugged all-terrain durability of a mountain bike with weight shifting maneuvarability of skateboards and snowboards, offering low center of gravity for stable sport riding.

Meanwhile, the long wheelbase and wide deck from oversized skateboard to provide confident control and steady platform that convenience for mount and dismount, does not even require foot-immobilizing bindings, can be kick-propelled like other scooters.


This aggressive off-road mountain scooter uses sturdy 20-inch BMX wheels for superior traction, mountain bike shock absorbers for less jarring, linear pull brakes for front and rear of the wheels for rapid shudder-free stops.

The scooter’s brushed finish frame is made out of sturdy aluminum and is equipped with dual-position rear drop-outs that can accommodate 16″ wheels (not included) for younger riders.

The sealed cassette bearing hubs is built for a smooth ride and double walled rims on Kenda tires. The skateboard platform is capable to hold up to 350 lbs, while the suspension fork is a Grind 320 for stubborn performance on the road by combining the rugged all-terrain durability of a mountain bike with weight shifting maneuverability of snowboards and skateboards.

Has been tested off-road at ski resort including Smuggler’s Notch in Vermont and Breckenridge in Colorado, hey, how about giving this two-wheeler a chance to perform at your neighborhood?

A skid/trick plate on the bottom of the footboard allows the scooter to glide effortlessly over the harshest terrain, including rocks and logs. Ages 16 and up. 51″ L x 46″ H. (34 lbs.)

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