Most of the time we end up searching gadgets just because they look awesome, no exception also for today. An idea from Jason Giddings, an aerospace engineer and CEO of Giddings Product Development, is an awesome looking multi-touch keyboard and mouse are designed using a curved piece of tempered glass, solid metal base and rechargeable lithium polymer batteries.

There are some cameras located at beneath the transparent glass surface of the keyboard as well as the mouse that will auto detect any touch once activated.

And let’s see how they work…

The multitouch keyboard and mouse is part of Kickstarter’s project that are currently accumulating donators or investors interested in the latest turning idea into a physical product.

Kickstarter need another $5,000 to get the project down to production line. In case you are interested with this ‘see-through’ style of multi-touch keyboard and mouse, you could participate in the project to get a set for your home use.


One interesting part about the multi-touch keyboard and mouse is that they are running on an open source software, which is customizable for those with brilliant brain with open source programming. See more about the pricing after the jump…


  • USD250.- [ keyboard only ]
  • USD350.- [ a set of keyboard and mouse ]

[ Source: Ubergizmo ; Jason Giddings ; KickStarter ]