Beta opening for LG’s Cloud Service has begun on May 1st, aiming to serve users with Smart TVs, smartphones and tablets. The LG’s Cloud Service will allows users to seamlessly access, connect and stream videos to all digital content online, the first to display content at the same time on three screens, namely on Android smartphone, PC and Smart TV (not limited to LG Cinema 3D models).

For using LG’s cloud service, users need to download the LG Cloud app from Google Play (a.k.a Android Market) or LG SmarWorld app store from their Android smartphones.


For LG Smart TV users should download the app from LG SmartWorld Store, while PC and laptop users will need to hook up to LG Cloud website at from their computer.

LG’s Cloud service will then automatically synchronizes the Android smartphone content with the cloud server and the user’s PC and TV.
The idea is to offer convenience for LG’s Android smartphone users to view photos and videos captured or recorded from their smartphone to their PC or Smart TV almost instantly.

Similarly, videos or images edited on a PC could be uploaded to LG Cloud for viewing seconds later (upload speed depends pretty much to your DSL connection) on your Android smartphone, the same applies for the your Smart TV.


However, unlike other cloud services, there will be little waiting time since the content is streamed onto the TV, PC or smartphone, no files are being downloaded as if online video service, conversion happens realtime on the server, not on the device, no worry about finding or installing correct codecs or converters prior viewing or playback, everything are done on the cloud server and running on the background with little or no involvement from user.

Furthermore, LG cloud is prepared to support 3D contents, user could be rest assured their 3D HDTV will playback the 3D movie smoothly, while you could also record your vacation videos using your Android smartphone and upload them to LG cloud service and share your wonderful journey experience using 3G or Wi-Fi connection to LG Cloud service and let the rest of family members that are staying at home to immediately enjoy your video footage at the comfort of Smart TV located at your home’s living room.

LG Cloud will be offered as both a free and paid service. Free storage space and pricing will differ market to market and will be announced separately as the service becomes available in that country.

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