Is there a better way to harvest solar energy? The answer is nanoantennas.  A team of scientists from Tel Aviv University have recently discovered that it is now possible to convert those different lengths of radio waves’ electromagnetic energy into electricity!

Using nanoantennas, a super small antenna that built using small amounts of aluminum and gold, which is less than a micron in length, the radio waves’ could be absorb and convert back into usable electricity. By using variety of lengths for the nanoantennas, the nanoantennas will be able to harvest energy from a broader spectrum of light, especially sun-rays, which will amazingly change the way conventional solar cell harvesting the solar energy.


Initial tests has shown that only 5 percent of the solar energy being wasted, while 95 percent of the solar rays are absorbed and passed along. These type of nanoantennas themselves will allow the possibility for creation of smaller size with higher efficient mobile electronic gadgets in the long run.

Image Credit: Gizmag

[ Source: Gizmag ]