Another futuristic type of technology is the nano-generators that could produce electricity simply by squeezing your fingers together. The new invention by researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology lead by Dr. Zhong Lin Wang has discovered the micro-powerhouses in form of tiny fibers that consist super tiny piezoelectric zinc oxide with a width 1/500 of a human hair.

These smart tiny fibers will have the capability to juice up your smartphone and other small mobile devices including mp3 player, iPod nano, and probably your iPad 2 in near future!


The micro-powerhouses of fibers are possible owing to breakthrough in the new nanogenerator size, a chip is a quarter the size of a stamp. By stacking five chips on top of another and by pinching/squeezing the stack between fingers would generate electricity output around 3 volt or about two standard AA batteries.

Imagine the possibility for integrating such amazing technology in the your sport shoes’ shoe soles, wouldn’t that become something that could power your laptop or iPad?

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