Nao, the humanoid robot from Aldebaran is getting a few upgrades with improved walking algorithm, 1.6GHz Atom processor, dual HD cameras, Nuance voice recognition for more human respond towards questions and best of all the reduction of unwanted collisions.

The next generation of Nao humanoid robot will also be equipped with better face and object recognition even under poor lighting conditions.

You will be surprised at how the new NAO could complain if user is cheating on him, and NAO Next Gen is now has the capability to get up after fallen down due to walking collision with other human.




Video & Images Credit: Aldebaran Robotics

Nao Next Gen is themed with ‘Nao you say you love me’ song, faster walking speed and capability to express fun as well as laugh through the robot’s sound. More images after the jump…



No words on pricing and availability yet, you could contact Aldebaran Robotics for more info, right here.

[ Source: Aldebaran Robotics ]