Digital books or ebooks are a common phenomena in our century. Ever since the launching of e-Reader such as Kindle or ePaper, it is predicted that eBook will become natural trend within the next one to two years time.


So does magazine! National Geographic has taken initiative role to publish their magazines issues using the digital format and stored in a 160GB HDD. The hard drive contains National Geographic magazine issues starting from 1888 to 2008, that’s 120 years of magazine issues! And there is still 100GB left on the hard drive.

“Problem is, sifting through every single issue since 1888 takes a fair bit of time — time you’d rather be spending in an obnoxiously long security line as you await your flight to Ushuaia. Thanks to “modern technology” and “storage innovations,” said quandary can now be resolved quite simply. Nat Geo is offering every last piece of information it has ever published on a portable 160GB HDD, and amazingly 100GB is free for you to manually add to the collection.”

This type of digital magazine hard drive is said to be useful if you are on a plane for a long trip to overseas or if you simply need a brush up on what happened on the earth during the last century as recorded by National Geographic magazines. For those fond of geography, this is definitely a collection you would not want to miss out.

Price: USD199.95 [ 160GB External HDD ]