Unlike conventional bicycle, Nederlander Bicycle is built using rich cycling tradition of the Netherlands, renowned for its country-wide network of cycling paths that spans from Maastricht to Friesland. The Nederlander Bicycle has a solid construction and precisely balanced design using customized anodized aluminum parts.

Furthermore, it has enclosed drive train protects against the elements, allowing 14-speed rohloff hub gear system for effortless and easy shifting on hill climbing, or for smooth coasting without the fouling of debris and grime.


The Nederlander Bicycle is hand made in Dronten of the Flevoland province in Netherlands, and it has proven to endure the adventurous ascents up to Switzerland’s famous Simplon Pass. The hydraulic rear shock offers a smooth ride for and suspension for the bicycle’s 20-inch wheels and rubber tires.

For the seat, the breathable mesh-back is further enhanced with adjustable height to put you in a more upright riding position, while the underseat steering is designed as such to allow user to be more centered and balanced while riding.

The front and rear disc brakes provide responsive braking, once you stop, you could place both feet firmly on the ground, crank lengths are available in two sizes to suit user’s legs length.

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