Often times, photographers will find that they need to capture perfect shot at perfect moment, but this is not always an easy saying, since your finger movement might not just as fast as the scene you wish to capture.

Here comes a neat handy gadget called Nero Multi Trigger into the play. This gadget is meant to be a more sensitive equipment for photographers that seeking perfect solution for getting right images at the right moment, such as shooting the ligthning, hummingbird flying, ballon pops and other moving objects.


The Multi Trigger, called NERO-MT-C2 is currently the smallest trigger at 3.34×2.36×1.18-inches (LxWxH) in the market. Mentioned features including 10 level sensitivity adjustment and display, supports trigger Flash or DSLR using standard 2.5 and 3.5mm interfaces, response (lag) time in milliseconds level, the optically isolate output is designed to fully protect DSLR from potential harms.

Users are allowed to capture the extreme fast events using the sensitive optical sensor and the NERO-MT-C2 Multi Trigger allow image review after every shot. Powered by 2 pcs of Duracell AAA batteries (bundled), the microcontroller based design comes with a timer for flexible control of timelapse photography and built-in light, laser and sound sensors.

Nero MultiTrigger has 10 built-in functions which will be listed below:

  • Lightning Trigger
  • Sound Trigger
  • Sound Trigger with Lock
  • Time Lapse (1-10 secs)
  • Time Lapse (1-10 mins)
  • Laser Trigger with Delay
  • Laser Trigger with MultiShot
  • Long Exposure
  • Super Bulb
  • Manuel Trigger

The Multi Trigger mounts neatly onto the hot shoe of your Nikon or Canon cameras, while offering adjustable sensitivity levels to suit your shooting needs.

Price: USD199.-

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