netTalk TV is an ultra low-cost solution device in order to receive digital TV broadcasts as an alternative to those highly priced, over the top cable TV monthly subscription.


netTALK, which is also the name behind the release of netTALK Duo, has designed netTALK TV with a docking for netTALK Duo, allowing fast access, plug-n-play solution for both VoIP phone and cable TV programs. Additionally, you would get both SD and HD contents, Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI Out and S-Video Out features.

Designed in glossy black and sleek outlook, and showcased during CES 2011, it will allow you to customized your own list of favorite channels of 50 or more channels when the device being used in pair along with the netTALK Duo.

No info on pricing and availability yet.

[ Source: TechChee ; NetTalk ]