Official announcement from Google about the launching of next version of Google TV was done late October, as posted on Google TV’s blogspot, the new version of Google TV will carry various channels, including ESPN, MTV, HBO and more.

New Google TV users will be able to enjoy wide range of TV programs and shows including from satellite providers, such as DirecTV, ComCast, DISH, etc as well as online video providers including YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand and much-much more.


Provided that the ADSL and broadband connection at your place supports high speed HD video streaming, otherwise, you will likely get disappointed to the waiting time for streaming HD video over the internet.


Google promises to bring a range of new features to Google TV devices, including simpler and cleaner user interface and ease of access to application on Google TV, and a new version of YouTube for Google TV.

Sony’s Google TV devices will be the first ones to get the update, so stay tune for more exciting news from Google.

[ Source: Google ]