Getting your kids to get some sun shine at the morning for a playful session at the backyard or garden is crucial to prevent them sitting too long in front of the television and playing gaming console all day long.

Playful physical activities games will not only benefits your children’s health, but also increase their chance of developing their motor nerves to enhance their sharpness or intelligence to physical challenge or tasks.


The Step 2 Naturally Playful Sand & Water Activity Center is developed with a durable, one-piece plastic cover that keeps the sand clean and dry. The elastic tie-downs on the ends of the lid keep it securely attached. The legs are detachable to raise the activity center from the ground level in order to prevent children sitting on the ground and get their clothes dirty while they play the sand and water.


Naturally Playful Sand & Water Activity Center features wood crafted styling and nature’s colors that blend with traditional landscapes in residential outdoor living areas. You will find two bridges, two boats, two pots and a shovel inside the activity center, but of course, you will still have to prepare the sand for filling up the activity center before your kids could start to play with it.

The dimension of this Playful Sand & Water Activity Center is 20.75 x 46.25 x 26-inch (HxLxW), with an umbrella that capable to blocks up to 97.5 percent of UVA and UVB rays, will secure your child if they play under hot weekend Sun.

This children activity center now available, right here!