Transparent solar cells, that the new invention that should change how electronic devices could be recharged in near future. Imagine that your smartphone or tablet not only powered by rugged corning gorilla glass, but also has the ability to harvest energy from the sun every shinny day, that would certainly become an interesting addition for mobile devices!

A team of researchers from UCLA have recently succeed to develop new type of transparent solar cells, which interesting enough has the possibility to be implemented in windows as well as other type of applications.


According to the team leader, Yang Yang, UCLA professor of materials science and engineering as well as director Nano Renewable Energy Center at California NanoSystems Institute (CNSI), these new solar cells are made of transparent polymer with add-on components of portable electronics, making visibility not an issue for implementing solar cells into windows of a house as they were on conventional solar panels.

Other strong points are, lightweight and flexibility, it is possible for high volumen production in fraction of cost to conventional solar cells.

[ Source: Engadget ; UCLA ]