A new prototype solar device has been claimed capable of converting sun light into fuel, pretty similar to what a plant does. The latest breakthrough device, as reported by BBC UK has shown the possibility of fueling up hydrogen based cars by using a solar device to convert sun energy into fuel.


bmw-hydrogen7-eco-car Whilst, the prototype version is very inefficient, only 0.7 percent of solar energy converted into fuel, while the researchers remain optimist capable to boost the result up to 20 percent in the future.

The solar device, which is a project by U.S. and Swiss researchers, has created an apparatus that will focus sun’s rays onto a metal oxide called ceria and further used to break down water into hydrogen. Would this technology further enhance hydrogen based cars in near future, including BMW’s Hydrogen 7?

The converted fuels by the solar device could be stored into the engine or transported for other usage.

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