Coffee Joulies are coffee bean shape of stainless steel gadget for regulating and maintain your coffee temperature at 140 degrees for a delicious hot coffee.

Whenever the water temperature higher than 180 degrees, the stainless steel coffee joulies will begin absorbing the temperature and once the water below 140 degrees, they will begin to release back the heat being absorb at the beginning and regulate the temperature back to the appropriate ‘delicious’ stage.


Hence, there are some concerns arising whenever observing this type of gadget, as it is definitely not for children, or is the material used non-toxic? Will it be alright if someone unintentionally swallow the stainless steel beans? Will the gold color stainless steel discoloured after several times of usage?

Other questions would be:

  • will the gold colour contain chemical substance that is harmful for consumption?
  • what would happen if unintentionally swallow the hot 140 degrees stainless steel bean?
  • will it hurt teeth and gum with its 140 degrees?

It is wonderful to have a cup of ‘hot’ coffee during those winter nights, nevertheless wise usage is recommended, otherwise, prepared for worst scenario of sudden chocked by the ‘hot’ stainless steel beans.

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