Following mini ninja cell phone charms cell phone straps have refreshing outlook to the general cell phone straps being sold on the market. There are Katana or the sword, Nunchucks or the connected stick, and throwing stars.


All of the ninja weapons cell phone charms are made from metal material and in miniature sizes.

You have three weapons to choose from. The katana – a weapon associated with ninjas and samurai alike since the late 1300’s; the nunchucks (nunchaku) – used by such masters as Bruce Lee and Michelangelo (the Ninja Turtle); and/or (and we recommend and) the throwing stars (shuriken) – the multi-tool of the ninja. And these aren’t cheap plastic versions – they are all metal. You can never have enough Mini Ninja Weapons Cell Phone Charms. Cool accessory and protection against mini-ninjas all in one.


o Katana: 3″ long (just the sword);
o Nunchucks: approx. 5″ long (from tip to tip);
o Throwing Stars: 3.5″ long together (each star is about 1″ diameter).

Price: USD5.99 [ get it from ThinkGeek here ]