Nissan NV200 is likely to become New Yorkers’ Near Future Taxi. The NV200 from Nissan is aimed for USD29,000 retail price per unit, offering 2.0L 4-cylinder powertrain, transparent roof panel (with shade), driver nagivation system, a mobile charging 12V outlet that offers 2x USB ports, overhead reading lights, and last but not the least, the front and rear-sea curtain airbags.


Other features on four-passenger Nissan NV200 van including transparent roof panel, with front and rear-seat curtain airbags, standard traction control and an external lighting system designed to alert both driver and passengers when the NV200’s doors are opening.

Expect to see Nissan NV200 by late 2013 on New York’s streets. This low-annoyance horn should become a neat Taxi on the highly depressed NewYorkers’ streets.


One good suggestion, if you are paranoia about something might fallen from above, don’t take the ride with Nissan NV200. 😀

[ Source: InventorSpot ; Mainichi Daily ]