One practical gadget capable for reducing incoming noises from your windows is the special designed drapes made from a tightly bound triple weave of polyester yarn that absorbs sound waves, blocking noise from a lawnmower or noise of traffic passing by your house.

The patented weave is claimed to blocks up to 40% of noises entering through a window and block up to 99% of of light for ideal, ‘shady’ environment good for taking rest or sleep during the day time.


It goes without saying, the curvy yet wavy noise reducing drapes are best for hotels, inns, guest houses or offices that need dim noise yet cool environment during the day time. The noise reducing drapes also capable of reducing expensive electricity bill for air-conditioning.

The shady yet cool environment behind the drapes help to reduce the impact of heat by the sun during the day, thus helps to save required b.t.u output of your air conditioner in hot/cold room temperature condition, this indirectly helps to reduce the electricity consumption of your air-conditioner unit.


The noise reducing drapes are made from a tightly bound triple weave of polyester yarn that absorbs sound waves, reducing noise from a lawnmower or traffic before it enters a room. The natural insulative properties are useful to help maintain indoor climate by preventing both cold drafts or radiant solar heat from entering the specific room/house.

The drapes’ twill weave is soft on hand with hemmed bottom for tailored outlook, you could clean the drapes either using machine or dry wash. Available in four fabric color selections of chocolate, tan, indigo and sage, more info regarding pricing, availability and where to purchase the noise reducing drapes, click here!

P.S: The listed sizes are for each panel. Two Panels Per Set. 😉