These days, the once notorious and extremely destructive viruses that plagued both the computer and the internet system in the past seemed to have lost much of its power over the users and their computers.

With solid virus-fending systems in place, companies like Apple and others have successfully staved off the now-only occasional attacks by viruses that once reigned and ruled the entire computer and internet system.

Viruses nowadays have evolved from being created solely for destructive purposes to something a little more complex, mostly in the name of profit — such as stealing personal data, etc., with the ultimate purpose of monetary gain usually in its makers’ minds.

This evolution can likely be attributed to stiffer punishments being imposed in relation to acts that fall under the so-called cybercrimes in most countries all around the world, as well as tougher security systems being put in place by most email providers.

In this sense, the once-PC and internet focused anti-virus systems turned its attention to other, even greater, more important things.

Norton Core Router for Home

Price: $279.99


Among these more important things — at least for cyber security leader Symantec — is the Norton Core router.

Because internet security has become more important now than ever before, and with hackers lurking about practically everywhere, Norton took it upon themselves to put safeguards in place right at what can be considered a household’s ‘cyber gate’ — its WiFi router.

The Norton Core security system is an undeniably brilliant invention that works in such a way that instead of having to protect each computer and device by installing security software individually, every device connected under the umbrella of the router is, instead, protected perpetually.

Devices such as laptops, PCs, MacBooks, phones, tablets, as well as other devices that require or depend on internet connection — such as CCTV systems — are all secured under the Norton Core router.

According to its makers, the Norton Core router gets regular updates on protection mechanisms and cybercrime information in order to protect devices that are connected to it successfully.

Norton Core Network Control App

The Norton Core also has the ability to isolate an infected device connected to it, effectively preventing it from affecting all the other devices connected to the network via the router.

The Norton Core router works just like any other regular router, but for the added security it offers, users must subscribe to the Norton Core Security Plus, which costs $99 a year.

The router itself is available for preorder at $200, and has a regular price of $280. This price includes a year of Norton Core Security Plus subscription, as well as 20 licenses for a Norton Security software that can be installed individually on devices for added security.

With this added security in place, devices are guaranteed secure even when they are connected outside of a Norton Core-secured network.