Not only Logitech has the green keyboard idea! AU Optronics, a Hsinchu base Taiwanese company, that used to deal with TFT LCD manufacturing, also unveils its new solar touch keyboard that will compete with Logitech K750 in the solar powered keyboard’s segment, thus they have different positioning, where Logitech is heading for desktop or wireless keyboard market, while AUO is aiming for the notebook’s or mobile computing market.

AUO-solar-touch-keyboard-for-notebook AUO’s solar powered notebook keyboard has a thickness of 2.1 mm with touch sensitive surface and has incorporated the solar module to the notebook’s cover and the keyboard panel to absorb both sunlight. From the outlook, you could say that it is a perfect blend of a solar panel and a touchscreen keyboard. A bit of drawback however, the smooth touch sensitive solar panel keyboard surface is somewhat reflective or has glare problem with direct or indirect light.

AUO claims that the new solar touch keyboard is capable to reduce electric power consumption up to 20 per cent, while not much info about the display technology being adopted on this solar touch ‘reflective’ keyboard’s notebook. Suppose it doesn’t use either e-ink or Pixel Qi, wouldn’t the display getting so much glare or reflection from the reflective keyboard?!

You could expect to see AUO showcase during models demo next week at FPD International in Chiba, Japan. No further details about pricing and availability of AUO’s notebook with solar touch keyboard yet.

[ Image Source: AUO/via Digitimes ]

[ Source: TechCrunch ; DigiTimes ; AUO ]