Oxygen Audio has a mounted car radio device called O’Car that specially designed for iPhone, for its touchscreen control panel and has built-in RDS tuner to ensures you could listen to your favorite local radio stations and could be easily installed on your car’s dashboard or windshield.

O’Car‘s patented technologies will let user enjoy standar car stereo functions control using iPhone touch screen. Besides, you will find 4x55W amp links for all your car’s speakers for a perfect quality sound.


The Oxygen Radio’s O’Car iPhone dock will allow 90-degrees rotatable horizontal and vertical alignment. You could use all the iPhone applications in your car and your iPhone will always in-charge while being clipped into the O’Car unit. You could sync your Bluetooth headset to have a hands-free phone call, or simply listen to your favorite local radio broadcast.


No info about availability and pricing yet.

[ Source: Engadget ; Mobile Tech Review ; Oxygen Audio ]