By nature, Onion has sterilization properties contain within its ‘tunicate’ bulbs. While not much differ from UVonion, this portable ultraviolet lamp has germicidal concept designed for home usage. You could put it inside any wardrobes or simply put it in your living room or kitchen area.


So how does it works?

UVonion – portable ultraviolet lamp is capable to absorb the sun’s ultraviolet by day and releasing them by night. Likewise, it goes another way which is more effective and energy-saving. It turns solar into electricity by solar cells, and generate ultraviolet light lamp through its specially designed ultraviolet LED.


With this UVonion ultraviolet devices, your clothes in the wardrobe will be germs free and give you the shinny smell like sun!


Although UVonion ultraviolet germicidal lamp is still in concept phase, believably, this will be another great solar gadgets you could put inside your house and get germs free all day long!


There are two concepts of portable ultraviolet lamps designed by Yun-Li.

[ Source: TechChee ; Yun-Li ]