OUTXPRO Mosquito Light Bulb Bug Zapper: Best Mosquito Repellent Bulb

OUTXPRO’s new clever gadget is determined to keep you mosquito-free with its efficient, compact and safe ‘mosquito light bulb”.

We all hate mosquito bites, and some of us even have serious allergic reactions towards these skeeters. There are natural mosquito repellents but they don’t always work, therefore we are always on the lookout for clever gadgets which can keep us bite-free and ‘OUTXPRO’s mosquito repellent bulb’ may just be the answer.

Outxpro Mosquito Light Bulb

OUTXPRO’s new bug-zapping gadget is already proving to be very popular on Amazon and its stylish look along with its features may see lot of households adopting to this efficient gadget. It’s stylish bulb comes with 20,000 hours of bulb life which uses any standard bulb socket, weighs less than 5 ounces and operates with ony 3 watts (if used only as a zapper), and 10 watts if used as a zapper and a light.

outxpro mosquito repellent

OUTXPRO’s mosquito bulb operates like any other bulp, all you need to do is click it once to get the light anbd zapper active, if clicked twise only the zapper is activated, and these clever bulbs can even be used indoors.

If you want to keep yourself and people around you insecticide free, go for OUTXPRO mosquito bulb, its only $19.99 on Amazon.

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