Despite the confidence claims from Apple about Android tablets will catch up iPad’s technology three more years, Teclast, a tablet manufacturer base in Taiwan has unveiled their latest Teclast P85 Android tablet that comes with competing capabilities and features as of in iPad 2.

The P85 Android Tablet is likely the little brother to the iPad 2 resembling A10t tablet that was released also by the same company. Teclast’s P85 tablet comes with an 8-inch display, ARM Cortex-A10 and dedicated Mali-400 graphics processor that supports 3D acceleration using OpenGL ES2.0, promising impressive 2160p SuperHD video playback. There is also the P75a, a 7-inch model besides the P85 for the 8-inch and the A10t for the 9.7-inch models.




You will also get a 1GB DDR3 RAM and pre-installed Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich OS on the P85 tablet that fully supports for Adobe Flash 11.0 and full Flash web browsing.


Teclast P85 tablet also allow users to connect to the Internet via WiFi or 3G via a 3G module. It seems tablet manufacturers in Taiwan are pushing up their quality presence in global community, Asus has released its Transformer Prime, while Teclast with its A10t and this time with the P85. How much longer do you think Apple’s iPad will eventually be overrode by Asian’s tablet products?


Going through trials and errors and crap quality in the last decade, many Asian tablet manufacturers are now aiming to provide better solution as well as user experience by developing high performing tablets. Teclast P85 itself is claimed to offer up to 20 days battery standby  hours or up to 5 continuous hours of gaming!


Price: RMB799.- [ Approx. USD127.- , will be much more affordable compare to the new iPad or Kindle Fire? ]

[ Source: Hardwaresphere ; Teclast P85 ]