Dreaming for having a Porsche in your own garage? Real Porsche might not viable for your current budget, but here comes the mini Porsche for geeks with Mac that demand fast speed for their data transfer. LaCie has unveiled P’9223 Mobile Drive in slim 2.5-inch format while the P’9233 Desktop Drive in a thicker dimension for 3.5-inch desktop usage.

Both external hard drives from LaCie offers 2x new USB3.0 interface, where both are optimized for Mac as well as for PC users. USB powered and compatible with Apple’s Time Machine for seamless data backup, LaCie P’9223 is available in either 500GB or 1TB capacity, meanwhile the P9233 available in 2TB or 3TB capacity.


LaCie Porsche Design P’9223 Mobile Drive

The Porsche Design offers aesthetic and aluminium casing that should suit your silvery colored Mac computers, while the USB3.0 interface offers backward compatibility with USB2.0.


LaCie Porsche Design P’9233 Desktop Drive

P’9223 mobile drive is only 240g in weight, using a 5mm solid aluminum casing for rugged protection, but since this is not an SSD or flash memory module, we really doubt that rugged casing will actually useful to secure the data stored inside these external hard drives, however, P’9223 comes pre-loaded with Private/Public software to protect data from unauthorized access.

LaCie’s new USB 3.0 storage solutions will also benefit from performance enhancements within OS X Lion and Mountain Lion. Thanks to UAS (USB Attached SCSI Protocol), people with the latest Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and Macbook Pro with Retina Display will experience maximum USB 3.0 performance when connected to a Rugged Triple USB 3.0. 

P’9223 500GB = USD99.95
P’9223 1TB = USD149.95
P’9233 2TB = USD159.95
P’9233 3TB = USD199.95

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