According to information released by, Palm is releasing news on 7th July, yesterday, announcing the information about GSM Palm Pre and the exclusivity deals have successfully made by the company with O2 in UK, Ireland and Germany also with Movistar in Spain.

Another information from Palm is regarding the preparation for the new smartphone dedicated to compete with iPhone 3GS, and also inform about why Palm’s European customers will have to wait until the Christmas holidays before they can pick one of the smartphone up.


Palm plainly admit that the delay is caused by no availability of small part related to manufacturing issues that have caused a slow-down or bottle-neck in regarded Pre’s smartphone production.


They’re also resolute about their newest decision to go for 8GB of storage with no other extra byte more; whether this decision will be valid for the next six months, after Apple unveil what’s expected to include a 64GB iPod touch coming this September, we’ll have to patiently wait and see.







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