Recorder in avi format? That’s way too conventional, now there is a new way taking down your record, in mp3 format. Following are personal recorders from Panasonic, the RR series: RR-US510, RR-US550, RR-US570, and the RR-US590.


The personal recorder offer various sizes of on board memory, smallest one is 128MBs megs for just over 34 hours of recording, all the way up to a whopping 2GB for 526 hours or equivalent to 24 solid days of recording time.

All RR series recorder has the maximum battery life of 45 hors and can record in mp3 mode. This is a handheld type of recorder, you might not find it interesting unlesss you deal with many sound and voice recording activities.

Price: around USD92.- ~ USD160.- [ depending where you purchase ]

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