Enjoy small yet cute challenging toy? Japantrendshop has recently come up with the Panda Darake (meaning full of Panda) toy that challenge the player to put the cute little pandas on top of other and prevent them from falling off the tiny plastic tire.

According to the game instruction, players are require to use the bundled chopsticks to stack the little pandas on top of other inside or on top of the tiny black tire. These pandas come in various poses of sitting, crawling, sleeping, playing, nagging and even scratching.

Kids should be good at coming up with their own rules for this kind of game, what about the looser? Well, that depends on agreement between you and your kids.


Inside the package of the Panda Darake Balance Game you will find 12 pieces of cute tiny pandas, a small black tire and some chopsticks enough for up to 4 players.


Panda Darake Balance Game is suitable for children ages six and over, the crazy part is to take out with the sleeping pandas one by one using the chopstick without actually moving other pandas as well, consider this as a chopstick challenge instead!


The merchant offers shipment to many countries across the globe, make sure you check out the product page, right here!