Buying a blender? One important feature would be a blender with capability to crush ice cubes for getting preparing chilly drink on during those hot summer days. Ideal choice for those moms or stay at home geeks that enjoy puree soup, make smoothies for breakfast or snacks and have a nice blend of margarita.

Waring’s Pro Bar PBB25 Ebony Blender comes with stainless steel cup design, with durable metal jar for those who have bad experience breaking glass on other brand’s blender previously.

Easy to cleanse is another strong point for this Pro Bar Blender, and these days, it is hard to find durable blenders that using one drops in, you will need to held steady the blender cup steady with one hand, never kicks or bucks when crushing ice.


Once done with the ice crushing, simply grab the handle and lift it off, no more fighting for the unlocking mechanism, since, it simply doesn’t have one. Not recommended for those looking for a low noise blender, since this blender is loud when working and is so powerful to run very long.

You will find no plastic buttons, only one metal switch and simple two settings seems to be enough to help you with the blending job. The stainless steel cup allow washes out become an easy job, unlike when you are doing hot stuff that would instantly stick to the glass jars of most blenders.

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