Modern civilization is remarked by advanced in technologies, human intelligence and better living, but sometimes not necessary with more advanced speaking behaviour.

In the past, back in seventies or eighties, especially in those European countries, you would barely hear the word “[email protected]#$” come out of the mouth of a child. But in modern days, expect it or not, we frequently heard those harsh words or swear words coming out from a mouth of a little child.

And here comes the Pepper Mouth concept. It is an USB pepper spray that will help parents to teach their children to maintain polite manner when their are using computer for chatting, blogging, commenting on their friends’ blogs or simply writing their digital diaries.


Surely a hit products to help parents trying to keep their kids online with polite manner and use clean words only.The only issue for the Pepper Mouth however, is that user could just unplug the USB device and hide it in the drawer.

We guess, this Pepper Mouth gadget concept will be workable for those adults who really committed want to quit saying those harsh words on their online chatting or social networking interaction.

In this Pepper Mouth version it is releasing a disturbing pepper smell that will let other smell it and know that the silent child over the computer is typing harsh words on his/her computer screen.

However, no guarantee that you will change your behavior immediately after using the Pepper Mouth Spray after using it for a week, after all, you choose your own path, you are what you say…! 😀

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