Philco PC Concept – Blending of Oldies, Modern And High Tech

by Edward Xu

in concept gadgets

Philco PC is a stunning concept design created by Dave Scultze of Schultzeworks Design. The Philco PC was inspired by a 1954 TV, antique typewriter and steampunk.




Wonder when this concept will be a commercial product in the market. Definitely a cool gadget collection for Tech-Geeks!

Find out more at Yanko Design here.

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doddy trinanto

really nice touch of computer designs……I really want 2 know, when it’s launch to public ??????

Edward Xu

For a concept to become a mass product? I think that need a sponsor to do so!

So far I have not heard or see any info about the Philco is going to be widely manufactured yet, so be patient, who knows 2010 is the Philco year anywa? 🙂


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