A soft, radiant glow lights from Philips. The Imageo LED Aqua Lights will bring additional gentle, warm, elegant and ambient light to your relaxing sanctuary atmosphere.






You could put it in your bath tub, spa or living room. No more worry about the dangers of an open flame and dripping wax, as the LED is safe and waterproof.

They will glow for 20 hours for every ten hours they have been charged. The simple yet smart design make them easy to use, just tilt each light at an angle to switch the lights on or off.

Product Features:
• Tilt to turn on and off;
• Charge for 10 hours – light for 20 hours;
• Safe in water;
• Floating LED candles;
• Can be used in the bath, Lay Z Spa, small pool or a decorative flower bowl.

Pack Contains:
• 3 x Philips AquaLights;
• 1 x Charger base station;
• 1 x UK mains adapter;

Brand: Philips

• Weight: 74g;
• Pack Weight: 692g;
• Height: 100mm;
• Diameter: 70mm.

Price: GBP44.95

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