Phyton is claimed to be the world fastest amphibious vehicle. It has a speed exceeding 60mph for water speeds, meanwhile the road speed is 12 seconds reaching a quarter mile and 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds. According to the manufacturer info, Phyton’s engine is using the infamous aluminum LS Corvette power train.








The design combines the front-end of a dodge truck and the rear-end resembling a Corvette. Amphibious mode is a push of a button away and the 304 stainless steel frame platform water car will immediately become a boat.

You can have any LS-series engine you want assuming you can pay for it, meaning it’s possible to crate an LS9 in one of these for the ultimate ZR1 boat. For the water it’s powered by a Dominator Jet.

Starting Price:  USD200,000.-  [ for a fully customized and completed vehicle ]

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