Quirky newest invention could help you to deal with all your chargers and plugs. Dubbed as Pivot Power Creative Outlet, this electrical power strip device has an adjustable angle that capable of flexing or bending around furniture’s leg or corners to save more space as well as to put together large power plugs in one outlet.

You could arrange the Pivot Power Creative Outlet into circular, semi-circular or even a zig-zag shapes to your convenience or condition demand, as it is designed with six adjustable power outlets with additional surge protection.



Quirky-Pivot-Power-Adjustable-Power-Strip-Bending-On-A-Chair-Leg-There are two versions of either 110v or 240v of Quirky Pivot Power Creative Outlets for you to choose from.

Price: USD25.- [ You could pre-order the Pivot Power Creative Outlet from Quirky ]

[ Source: iTechNews ; Quirky ]